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  • Kate Lentz

{When a Protest Becomes a Permanent Vacation.}

So, yyyyeah. What started as a week-long Etsy protest eventually became a 3-month sabbatical. And all I can stay is...Oops. Time doesn't exist and all that.

Anyway, ya girl is back! Well...sort of. The truth is, my new job is taking up more time than anticipated. Though I don't feel bogged down with hours, I DO tend to spend more time reading on my days off instead of working on other projects. What can I say? I love working at the library and I can't keep my eyes out of a book lately.

I have decided to do a teeny-tiny mini shop update for the end of summer. Basically, I have a lot of stock that is collecting dust. I want to hype up some spooky season business that will hopefully carry over into the full-blown holiday season, but in order to do that, I need to add a few new items, create sales, and save money for *New* products in the coming months. Currently I am listing a few different themed art print packs:

Gothic Art Print Pack: 4 original 5x7 art prints

Spooky Art Print Packs: Three 5x7 original art prints

Then the last items for the mini shop drop will be two tote bags. These have never been in my shop before and it's a bucket list product I have always wanted to try. Eventually I want to get some printed with a manufacturer, but for now, I'm stenciling these babies myself!

So that's my short-and-hopefully-sweet update for now. I wanted to write something quick before I lose the motivation I've had to chip away at my shop. I have spent many, many, many years working on all of this and I'm not ready to give up!

Thanks for being here <3

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