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  • Kate Lentz

{Valentine's Day Mini Shop Update}

Happy (Early) Valentine's Day!!

For the last couple of months, my shop has been incredibly slow. This makes sense. The holidays are officially over, and we are all still paying off our Christmas gifts credit card bill. I was planning on staying pretty quiet on my shop until a huge spring update, but then a few days ago I thought...

A Valentine's Day Mini Update! Why not?!

Admittedly, it doesn't matter if you list 5 items or 20. There's still a ton of work that goes into it. I had hoped to film a video about it, but honestly...I was swamped. I decided to keep this update simple with a few original paintings, more clay pins, and some bookmarks. I plan on doing a huge shop drop in the early spring, so keep an eye out! Until then, I hope you are having a glorious 2022 so far. Happy Winter, My Valentines!

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