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{February & March: Reset}

Hmm...I believe the last time I posted on here, I had promised a preview of some paintings for a show. Much like Spring, I was delayed. But here I am! Drinking iced coffee, trying to chase away these goosebumps, dreaming about warmer days that just refuse to arrive.

Back in February, I made three paintings for our 2023 Season Opener. There was no theme, which is perfect. Some people are paralyzed by the vastness of an open-ended assignment. Me? I can't really stand a theme or assignment when it comes to art making. (*Just ask my old art teacher, eh?)

The three pieces I made didn't really tie together at ALL. So I titled them Dessert, Desert, and Deserted as a way to have some kind of thread. I really loved how they turned out.

Dessert, Acrylic on Canvas + Cheap Frame from Goodwill

Desert, Acrylic on Canvas, (Plus a little Posca Marker)

Deserted, Acrylic & Ink on Canvas

While we're here, here's one of the paintings from our March Show. The theme was The Simpsons. And even though I didn't feel overly creative for this one, the turnout was better than it's been in months. We had a lot of art hanging and had a decent crowd despite the shitty weather.

The Forbidden Donut, Acrylic & Ink on Canvas

I've been on a real dessert kick's a bit of a different style for me, but I'm thinking about painting a few more cakes, a cupcake, and maybe a few other baked goods or candy. I had a ton of offers on these pieces, but I'm not selling anything at the moment. I realized my body of work has seriously dwindled in the past year. I usually hang onto my work, but when I had an Etsy shop, I didn't get too attached to anything. (I do regret a few sales, though.)

I heard from a bar in a few towns over back in January asking if I wanted a solo show. I replied a little late, but I finally heard back, and the curator asked if I would hang my work in May. There's also a show at a dance/yoga/mediation studio that would like me to submit a few pieces. I haven't really been in an art mood lately, but...these events just may help motivate me. Deadlines quite often do that!

This winter is going on and on and on. It hasn't been particularly snowy or freezing, but the gray nothingness feels never-ending as we approach month 954827987 of this kind of weather. I see flowers starting to pop their cute little heads above ground, but I still don't see warmth in the near future. I think it's maybe why I've been in such a funk. is TECHNICALLY the first day of spring...With that thought and my recent list of goals, I feel a bit more energized. I'm seeing a lot of articles and videos about having a reset, and I think that's exactly what I'm trying to do at the moment. I still hope to share more of my everyday life including the music and writing projects I've been noodling around with. I even had a spark of inspiration to possibly get my YouTube channel up and running again. I miss sharing the process of creating. I miss looking back at things I have done. I have no idea of this "reset" will fully do its job, but...for now I'm optimistic.

If you're here, thank you. I appreciate your encouragement from wherever you are. I'd love to know how you're handling this endless winter, and how you keep your spirits up. Are you working on any projects or have any goals in mind for the spring? Please feel free to share in the comments.

More updates to come...I hope!

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