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{A Long, Lonely Weekend}

I live for the weekends. I always have. It’s not laziness…at least, that’s not how I initially intend it to be. I was particularly excited about this weekend because I was still working on tying loose ends relating to my fundraiser. And I had the house all to myself because my husband was out of town visiting friends. I love my husband, but every once in a while, alone time just seems too delicious to pass up.

Then reality hit. Here I was in our new house (new-ish…we moved in March) all alone with two fairly needy dogs. The first night, we had a thunderstorm, so of course the dogs were tap dancing around the bed all night. I think I managed to sleep about 3 hours a night? So of course, I was a complete zombie. I did, however, managed to hand deliver 5 pieces to those who donated money for the fundraiser. I still have two more that I have to mail this week, but it felt good packaging and handing off the art.

My intentions were to spend the majority of my time in the art studio…Then to take a bubble bath. Instead? I took 20 minute naps here and there and binged on Golden Girls. It also happened to be an incredibly glorious span of cool-weather days. I tried to be out whenever I could, but all I wanted to do was rest. On Sunday, I managed to get my act together enough to clean the house, take Feeny for a walk and do a bit of drawing on the porch. The weekly sketchbook spread was completed down to the wire. And as always, I’m so glad I made the effort. It’s my favorite piece in the sketchbook so far.

After I picked Alex up from the airport, I feel like I could breathe again. I missed him so much even though he was gone for three days. The house feels like a home when he’s around. I’m already excited about the upcoming weekend and all the possible adventures we could get into. And by adventures, I mean…house work and drinking coffee at our favorite cafe. This week is surprisingly busy for me. After work, I’m getting together with my best friend for a drink. Then I have my first BOOK CLUB meeting with a bunch of artists I’ve never met. We are bonded by the love of an amazing book called “How to be an Artist” by Jerry Saltz. We are going to ZOOM tonight and discuss it. It’s been a long time since I’ve been around a bunch of artists, and I feel thirsty for the creative community.

I’m hoping for another creative week with some healthy art practices. I still have a bunch of deadlines, so I hope that keeps my feet in the studio. Tonight I obviously won’t be working on anything, but I think this book club will lead to something pretty great. I’m also crossing my fingers that we have another week off from band practice. As much as I’m excited about the new songs we’ve been coming up with, I really want to finish as much of my studio work as possible so I can move onto some new projects. I love that there is a constant stream of ideas, but sometimes it can be frustrating when you don’t have the time to put the ideas onto paper. Anyway, even though it was a pretty lonely weekend, I feel like there were a few hidden gems in there. I feel like I’m getting closer to unlocking the secrets of actually being a successful content creator…whether or not it will be fruitful, that is still to be determined. But for me, I love what I’m making and I especially love the way I’m photographing it.

I just hope I can keep this motivation going. I can feel things start to happen…the more I work, the more I can see it. Exciting things ahead!

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